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We will talk a lot about strength training how to build your own program how to progress. Your own program and one of the best tools to develop your strength is the gymnastic ring. So, Today I’ll discuss with you what to look out for when you’re picking your gymnastic ring. Like what is a good material, what is a bad material, and our recommendation as to which gymnastic ring to pick now? The gymnastic rings are an excellent tool to develop upper-body strength.

Not only are they versatile you can hang them in the house on a pull-up bar on stairs outside on the tree on the basketball court. There are many different scenarios and places that you can use them. You can travel with them very easily because they are small and they can compact down. They can go from being very high to be very low so you can train pull-push you can transition from pull to push very easily.

They are an excellent tool to develop the upper body. But there are a lot of selections of different options. Such as different materials, different straps, different things at different prices. So we’ll go through today how can you find the good and how can you stay away from the bad.

We’ll just give you some guidelines. So you can realize how to pick the right gymnastic ring. Not necessarily, what brand to go with because there are many good brands and there are many bad brands.

Now a good gymnastic ring depends on three qualities the first one being what material is. The gymnastic ring made out of the second is the thickness of the gymnastic ring and the third is of the strap itself. So we are going to cover these three areas. We’re gonna tell you what’s in each area you should look out for and we’ll go through which one to buy so in the examples.

We won’t tell you about a lot of rings but you can easily choose one among them.

We’re gonna go from the earliest that we bought today what I use today why I switched from one ring to the other. We also have two different styles of straps the one that I used a long time ago and the one that I use today. Okay, so the first point that we’re going to look over is the material.

Types of Rings

You will find many types of rings in plastic. It would different types of wood and steel in metal in different types of material.

Now the one that I’m going to show you first is plastic. This is the very first one that I bought for myself and that I used for a couple of years here is the first ring. So this one is plastic and you’ll find it in different colors because you can just paint the plastic.

This one happens to be black but I’ve seen blue, red, orange, and a lot of different colors. The reason I do not like plastic is that it is very slippery there’s not too much grip on the plastic. So if you ever want to develop a false prep or do muscle ups or advanced ring kills on the Rings the plastic is not a very good choice. You need to put some tap that I put on myself. Because the grip wasn’t so good so putting the tape helped a bit but I would definitely not recommend going with plastic.

Though the plastic usually is cheaper than wood. It’s not that much cheaper and in the future, if you continue to use the Rings. You’re going to end up going with wood anyways so skip the plastic and let’s go on to the next material. Here is the second ring that I bought, it’s a different material. This one is wood you can see the grip is much easier on here. You don’t have to tape anything but the bad part about this one is the thickness.

So this one is fairly thick compared to the plastic one that we had. You can see that the diameter of the ring is much thicker on this side which makes it much harder to hold and to false grip which is.

If we want to use the ring for it’s all of its purposes we’re going to need to use this false grip to muscle up for roll backward. Whatever it is and the thickness of this ring is just too thick for me.

This one is 1.25 inches they typically use this in big facilities or Cross Fit gyms because of a lot of use from many different people. If you’re buying it for yourself you can buy a thinner one and it’ll still last a very long time.

Here is the other one I use today and I’ve been using this same exact one for about three or four years. This one is also wood but the diameter is much thinner than the previous wood model. I have this is 1.25 inches and this is 1.1 1. This is known as f IG standard federal international dejeuner set the f IG standard. This is the standard size that they use in gymnastics. I like this because not only is the wood a very good grip but when you go into false grip it’s not so thick.

It’s difficult to hold that false grip and my hands are not the biggest hands but they are bigger than I would say an average person. This is still yeah this is still a good ring she has really long fingers by really six fingers, anyways yes. So if you’re gonna go with a material. I would go with the wood and then if you’re gonna go with a thickness. I would go with 1.11 inches a lot of companies will show the thickness.

If they don’t, then they probably don’t have a quality standard. I would skip that company or send them an email and ask them what their diameter is. But like I said if you search for 1.11 f IG standard you will find a lot of rings like this okay. Now we know the material to use which is wood and we know the thickness to use just 1.11 inches the f PG standard.

Now we’re going to talk about the strap which is also a very important part. So I’ll show you the first strap that I started with and now the strap that I use today and why I use it.

Now here is the first strap

This strap actually came with our plastic rings so they came together. I didn’t have to buy it separately. You can see that the strap is pretty standard. It’s just black there’s nothing on it specifically except for the logo of the company. You have this buckle here which is standard as well.

The thing that I don’t like about these is they are very thin compared to the ones that I have. Buckle you can see that the buckle is actually broken itself. Because of the number of times that you press down and maybe I use this a year or two and then it broke. Right after that so it wasn’t that long of use the other thing I don’t like it when you try to leave this. It takes a very long time to put this in because not only this is broken but you’d have to kind of guide it in.

The weirdest way and it takes like sometimes it takes me a minute just to put it in. That’s what she said and okay there we go. Now I got it. So I don’t like it for that reason it does hold up well.

So if you’re not worried about It taking a long time and this is fine but I’m gonna give you the other option which I like much better. Which is the one I use today. Here is the buckle I use today.

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You can see this one’s already much thicker both in the buckle and the strap itself and on the strap it has numbers 18 17 16. It has feet on there so when you actually put it through and you’re hanging it. you can hang both sides equally without having to guess what the right size is. Not only that but the thickness of the strap and this buckle is very very easy to use.

This has never broken on me before and I’ve had this for 3 or 4 years.

You can even see all the wear and tear on it and then I’ll show you how quickly. So if I grab the other end I just put it through and in a matter of seconds, that’s through. So it’s really easy to put on, really easy to take off. This one came with the last wedding ring that you saw the 1.11 inch that I recommend. So if you are buying the right where you just look at the strap that they have. They usually have a picture.

and make sure it looks something like this and if you can get the numbers on there that’s even better. if you can’t get the numbers you can just literally take a ruler and draw them on and that works. I’ve done that with another strap of mine as well now that we have the strap type.

We have all three components to find a good ring and a good strap. So we want a wooden ring we want the thickness to be1.11 inches. The f-ing standard and then we want a thick buckle and a thick strap and if you can get those numbering on it that’s even better. This is normally going to cost you the lowest. I’ve seen this type of ring for is about $30 and the highest, I’ve seen is $60. I’m sure that there are a higher-end and a lower end but you’re gonna probably pay anywhere from thirty to fifty dollars for a pair of rings.

But again they’re gonna last a very longtime, I’m still not through with my ring that I use today and I’ve been using it for three or four years. I don’t expect to need to change it anytime soon. I use it very often too a lot of times in the past.

So I hope this was helpful to you. If you have any questions about gymnastic rings or anything like that please let us know in the comments down below and I’ll do my best to help.

If you want to know more about gymnastic rings, you can simply go to Wikipedia.

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